Vehicle Telemetry Meets Business Intelligence

We obsess over driving fleets forward so you can focus on driving revenue. Togo Insights is a flexible, yet powerful platform supporting virtually any type of telematics hardware so you can more easily manage your fleet, protect your vehicles, and make better business decisions to boost the bottom line.


Insights You Need, Flexibility You Want

The easy part is collecting the data. The real work starts when it’s time to uncover insights to drive your business forward.

Togo Insights enables you to ingest data from different sources, orchestrate it, and easily obtain meaningful, actionable insights. From machine learning and predictive analytics, to easy-to-create dashboards and visualizations, consider us an extension of your team.


Business Don’t Fit Into Bundles

Our modular approach to vehicle telemetry services enables you to tailor your instance for the functionality you need today with the flexibility to grow tomorrow. Gone are the days of paying for services you don’t use because they came with a bundle.

Customer using telematics services

Results from Real Customers


Our Clients and Partners

We’d love to hear from you and help drive your fleet forward, smartly. 

Togo Insights is part of Togo Group, the leading technology platform for road-based travel and outdoor tourism.  With 150+ employees on two continents, Togo Group provides local perspective with the power of a global company.